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Can I Let My Car Sit in my Driveway Without Moving it?

What Happens When a Car Isn’t Used 

Everyone is wisely hunkered down into their own homes. Social distancing and a health-conscious lifestyle mean that most of us have been indoors for the past few weeks. Most people are trying to leave the house as rarely as possible which isn’t a bad move. 

It may help keep us healthier, but have you thought about what is happening to your car? A car might not seem important right now, but everything will return to normal eventually and you will have to drive again. What will happen if your car sits there during the entire quarantine? 

How Long Can a Car Sit Idle? 

You can feel your body creak and groan if you spend too long in bed and don’t move around like you should. Your car will feel the same if you try to drive it after letting it sit around for weeks on end. Slowly, things will start to break down or stop working. The battery will slowly die as charge leaks out and your tires can develop flat spots or start to crack if left in the heat. 

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Man looking at a flat tire

Sitting around for too long can also cause your oil and fuel to settle resulting in a build-up of unwanted deposits. All of the effects will slowly start to build and add up after a while. You don’t have to go out on too many trips, but if it has been a while since you’ve driven your car, then a quick drive around your neighborhood might be the perfect thing that it needs. Ten minutes now could save you hours of repairs in the future. 

Why Does My Steering Wheel Shake?

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