Remote engine Start

About Nissan Remote Engine Start Technology

Do you ever dread walking out into the cold to start your vehicle? Or maybe you don’t want to step into the sweltering heat of your car’s cabin on a summer day? With Remote Engine Start, you can get your vehicle up and running before going outside. This gives you comfort and convenience every day. Learn more about Nissan’s remote engine start below.

Does your Nissan Vehicle have a remote start feature? If your key fob has a circular arrow button, then you have the remote start feature. To activate this feature, you simply press your lock button, then press and hold your circular arrow button for two seconds. That will start your engine remotely.

Another way to remotely start your vehicle is through your NissanConnect Services app or Owners Portal. Before you leave home or work, you can always login to your app or owners’ portal and start your vehicle. Your remote start will run for 10 minutes after you start it. If you haven’t gotten in your vehicle after 10 minutes, your engine will shut itself down.

Remote Engine Start is one of the many great technology features that Nissan Offers. Nissan also offers Technology like the ProPilot Assist. ProPilot Assist is a small step toward autonomous vehicles. This technology helps guide you and keep you in the correct lane while you are driving. Some newer Nissan models offer you Zero Gravity Front Seats. These seats have been developed to offer you a more comfortable driving experience. Nissan also offers a NissanConnect system, customizable screen displays, and a whole lot more! There is a lot of great technology including remote engine start in Nissan vehicles.

If you want to upgrade to a new Nissan to get all of the great technology that Nissan offers you- especially remote engine start, you can come down to your Palm Springs Nissan dealer. We are Palm Springs Nissan, and we are happy to provide you with 2019 Nissan models with the latest and greatest technology. Visit Palm Springs Nissan, to upgrade today. Our service department is full of friendly faces and helping hands who are ready to help with any needs or answer any questions you may have!

Mario Lopez meet and greet

Palm Springs Nissan Presents: Mario Lopez Meet & Greet

Do you have any plans on Saturday October 27th?

Do you enjoy playing games and eating snacks?!

Are you a Mario Lopez fan?!

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions you should head over to Palm Springs Nissan this weekend for a day of fun with Mario Lopez!

The meet & greet with Mario Lopez will begin at 11:00am and will go until 3:00pm.

You will also have your opportunity to take an awesome picture with Mario from 1:00-2:00!

There will be plenty of fun games to play, tons of good food to eat, and great prizes to be won! The possible prizes to be won are 6 bikes, 3 IPads, oil changes and car detailing!

All donations and proceeds benefit The Boys and Girls Club of Cathedral City. Come visit and donate to a good cause! The Palm Springs Nissan team and Mario look forward to seeing you all there this weekend!





Nissan Rogue Technology

5 Coolest Tech Features in the Nissan Rogue


Every year, automakers add more technology to vehicles. They add technology for safety, comfort, convenience, and fun. The Nissan Rogue has a lot of great tech features for you. Check out some of the coolest features offered below.


  1. ProPilot Assist – Everyone is looking for an autonomous vehicle, and these vehicles are not here quite yet, but Nissan has come out with some technology that is bringing us closer. This technology is called ProPilot Assist. According to Forbes, “ProPilot Assist is basically an advanced adaptive cruise control that not only scans the road ahead of you to keep you nicely spaced out from the car in front of you (and bring you to a stop if needed) but it also tries to keep you in clearly marked lanes using its Lane Departure Prevention technology.”


  1. Zero Gravity Front Seats – If you are looking for some great comfort in your driving experience, you will be happy with the Nissan Rogue’s Zero Gravity Front Seats. These seats have fourteen different pressure points to keep you in a more comfortable position. These pressure points are placed strategically to give you the support your body needs when you are on the road.



  1. Customizable Screen Displays – In the Nissan Rogue, you have customizable screens to display the things you are looking for. For example, you can have your music display on the large center screen, which leaves room for your turn-by-turn directions behind the steering wheel. You also have a rear camera to show you where you are when you are backing up.


  1. Climate Control System – The Climate Control System in the Nissan Rogue is a great one. Your keyfob can remotely start the engine in your Nissan Rogue, but it also turns on the Climate Control System. On cold days, this system will turn on your defrosters and your heated steering wheel. On hot days, the air conditioning is turned on. This is a tech-savvy feature to keep you comfortable.



  1. NissanConnect – NissanConnect is another great tech-savvy feature in the Nissan Rogue. NissanConnect is an infotainment system that supports Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and more. You can listen to music, access social media, send a hands-free text message, and more with the NissanConnect system. This system also includes emergency services and maintenance alerts to keep you on top of everything.


If you are looking to upgrade to a vehicle like the Nissan Rogue, you can come down to Palm Springs Nissan. We are your Nissan dealer in Palm Springs, and we have a wide selection of new and used vehicles. You can get 2019 Nissan models as well. Palm Springs Nissan is a Nissan dealer near you, so stop by to take a look at our selection. We look forward to helping you upgrade.

2019 Nissan Altima

2019 Nissan Altima Review


Let us be the first to tell you, Nissan fans all across the United States are loving the 2019 Altima! The 2018 model was a very good car, but this model year makes it even better. If you don’t have one yourself, find out why fans are going crazy over the all new Altima here at Palm Springs Nissan. With many new features and a stylish slick look, it may come to you as no surprise.


With the new technology added to the 2019 Nissan model, this midsize sedan dominates over its competitors like the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord. So what has been added you ask? Optional all-wheel-drive, variable-compression engine that will adjust for high mpg or performance driving, many driver and safety assistance, Pro Pilot Assist, and a two level semi-autonomous driver assist system built in.


Nissan says that the Altima is the “most extensive platform changes in over two decades long,” and there is no doubt about that. The most impressive change that fans are loving is the premium 248-hp, 2.5-liter turbo engine that comes with variable compression. This engine gives off max fuel economy and a low compression for max power.


Another thing fans are raving about from the best of the 2019 Nissan models is the all-wheel-drive. This model offers the front-drive on the simpler engine, but the AWD that comes with the signature engine is a key selling point to consumers when looking for a midsize sedan. It has the ability for 26 mpg in the city, 36 mpg on highway, and 30 mpg combined.


Base safety features come included across all trim lines with emergency braking, a rear door alert that will hold shut if you open while traffic approaches in the street, and a driver-alert monitor that is called the Intelligent Driver Alert. The rear camera is also a required feature on all new cars. More features come stacked in the 2019 Altima SV like semi-autonomous driving, ProPilot Assist, and a Nissan Safety Shield 360.


Looking to get your hands on the new 2019 Nissan Altima? Stop on in at Palm Springs Nissan today and find amazing deals on new Nissan Models all month long! Just search “Nissan dealer near me” or give us a call at (760)328-2800. We are proud to be your official Nissan Dealer in Palm Springs.