Nissan Warning Lights and Their Meanings

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Nissan warning lights

With all vehicles that have high mileage on them, the dreaded lights on the dashboard appear. If lucky, with Nissan models you’ll go a long time without seeing these warning lights pop on. When the time comes and they do go on, here is what the lights mean below.


You might wonder why warning signal lights appear in different colors. Each color light serves a purpose. Common lights like turn signals, cruise control, and headlights are blue, white, or green (depending on model year). Those indicate that a common feature is turned on.


Lights with the color yellow on typically represent something malfunctioning in your vehicle. Just because they go on might not mean that it is dangerous for you to drive, it just shows you that something or some component of your vehicle needs to be fixed such as a low tire pressure.


So what lights might need immediate attention? Lights such as ABS, anti-lock braking system, is a warning light that you want to get resolved right away. Another one is a brake warning light or a charge light. Brakes and the battery are two very important parts of your vehicle you need to maintain.


Some vehicles when mileage gets high will have the malfunction indicator light meaning something might not be quite right with your engine. It is important to address these higher- level of concern lights when they go on to prevent things from occurring again.


You can look up what any lights mean on your dashboard by using your vehicle manual book inside of your Nissan. If you are unsure of anything your vehicle needs work on you can stop into the Cathedral City Nissan dealer and have a staff member take a look.


Looking to trade in your old vehicle for a new Nissan model for sale? Stop in and see your Nissan dealer nearby and browse a large selection of new and pre-owned models. Don’t forget to stop in and schedule a service appointment if you are worried about the lights on your dashboard.

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