Nissan TeRRA SUV Concept Review

The world first fell in love with the Nissan TeRRA SUV Concept when it was unveiled at the 2012 auto show in Paris. Since that day, the population has been crazy for this funky, futuristic SUV. Have you driven by the Palm Springs Nissan serving La Quinta Riverside Hemet California lot? We have the latest edition ready for you to test drive. This SUV is hydrogen-powered and has made history. It is the first-ever zero-emission sports utility vehicle. Though it may look like no other vehicle on the road, its ability to run from hydrogen is just impressive. You must see this SUV to believe that a feat such as this is even possible. If you want to test drive this revolutionary automobile, contact Palm Springs for Nissan TeRRA SUV Concept information.



Nissan TeRRA SUV Concept InteriorThe ultra-modern feel is transferred from the outside to the inside. The back doors have rear-hinges, which allow them to open with the front doors into one large entry space. It keeps the innovative vibe going and is also a cool addition. The interior is welcoming and comfortable. Nissan uses a nice blend of sculpted, blond, wood trim and colored acrylic to make the inside just as radical as the rest of the vehicle. The cabin has a soft warmth that easily seats four people in the captain chairs. The unique diagonal seating gives the driver excellent visibility and a new angle on the road due to its center-like position. The seats all angle backward towards one another to increase legroom. For additional cargo space, the seats all fold into the vehicle and it makes the vehicle large enough for a kayak or canoe. If you want to see a Nissan TeRRA SUV Concept review and talk to a sales representative, give us a call.



Nissan TeRRA SUV Concept ExteriorDo you want a vehicle that breaks away from the stereotypical mold? The Nissan TeRRA SUV Concept is the vehicle for you. It is not bound within the confines of similarity. It shatters the rules in every way possible. The end result is something far greater than anyone at the Palm Springs Nissan serving La Quinta Riverside Hemet California lot could have ever imagined. This vehicle is truly huge and sporty looking. It is styled from Nissan's famous Juke with more space and premium features. It has rugged tires to head off road or to control the freeways at optimal speeds. The Nissan TeRRA SUV Concept is just now available to the public for the first time. Stop at our lot to see what innovation and zero emissions looks like in a spectacular package.



Nissan TeRRA SUV Concept Powertrain Check out the latest Nissan TeRRA SUV Concept review and you will see that this car has three electric motors, which is totally crazy cool. They are all powered by a fuel cell, electric powertrain system. Though they use the same system as their famous Leaf model to make the front wheels go, they had to add an in-wheel electric motor to give the rear tires power. Peeking under the hood we will show you the way Nissan used its proprietary hydrogen fuel cell stack, which is flat and compact. It produces 2.5 kWh and allows the vehicle to operate with zero emissions. Though this is rather new territory for Nissan, this car is promising to go places. The TeRRA SUV Concept can now be seen and driven by you. All you need to do is contact Palm Springs for Nissan TeRRA SUV Concept information. One of our sales representatives is eager to help.



Nissan TeRRA SUV Concept MechanicalThe Nissan TeRRA SUV Concept is a bit ahead of its time. When you step inside, you will not see any instruments on the dash. Rather, there is a docking station for a tablet. The tablet is supported and is safe in its designated station. Download an app to control the car and its functions with the touch of a button. The TeRRA SUV Concept may not have all the bells and whistles when it comes to mechanical features, but it gives you the tools to allow you to customize your experience. You can even watch your RPM's from your tablet's screen.



Nissan TeRRA SUV Concept SafetyNissan would not spend so much time and effort on the engine and not remember the safety aspects. The car is lined with air bags from front to back. Almost every inch of this SUV offers protection for the passengers. The TeRRA SUV Concept has features like child safety locks to ensure that even the little passengers are safe. If you want more information on this ultramodern car, contact Palm Springs for Nissan TeRRA SUV Concept information today! Stop by your local Palm Springs Nissan serving La Quinta Riverside Hemet California car lot. We have the new Nissan TeRRA SUV Concept review for you to take a look at. If you are concerned about the environment, want a car that dares to be different, and need more information, then give us a call. We want to get you behind the wheel of this contemporary automobile. If you need a car that is unusual and stands out from the crowd, this is the vehicle for you. You can email us or call us for more information. Whatever you do, contact Palm Springs for Nissan TeRRA SUV Concept information right away. Those who are concerned about saving money and the environment will flock to see these electric vehicles.



*The above information is regarding the base model Nissan TeRRA SUV Concept. Standard specs and features may change from year to year. Contact Palm Springs Nissan with any questions regarding the new or used vehicle you’re inquiring about.