Nissan IDS Concept Review l California


Nissan IDS Concept Review l California

The Nissan IDS Concept Concept Review is out, and it's leaving car enthusiasts with plenty to talk about. This vehicle is cool, calm and collected. It's so advanced, it's got autonomous driving, electronic vehicle features and outstanding control in a variety of driving conditions. Get into this vehicle, and you'll feel like you're sitting in your living room. It's full of comfort features, and it previews a promising look at what to expect from Nissan in the future. The Nissan IDS Concept Concept has it all. Contact Palm Springs for Nissan IDS Concept information, and come by and check out Palm Springs Nissan serving La Quinta Riverside Hemet California. We'll tell you more about the IDS Concept, and show you how to get a preview.



Nissan IDS Concept InteriorThe Nissan IDS Concept Concept Review has made its way around the world with its first premiere in Tokyo. The Nissan IDS Concept Concept stands for Intelligent Driving System, and when you get a chance to get into this vehicle you'll understand why. The vehicle is an autonomous-driving vehicle with intuitive controls on the inside for the driver to experience a more enjoyable ride. When the vehicle takes over, the steering wheel retracts and a wide screen touch monitor appears on the driver's dash. The cabin maintains a soft illumination, which makes it feel like you're relaxing at home. In a potential first for car drivers, the seats turn inward when piloted mode is selected so you can talk with passengers and enjoy a good conversation. Of course, we have a feeling test pilots are going to be constantly turning around to check the traffic, especially at highway speeds. If you want more information, contact Palm Springs for Nissan IDS Concept information. Your Palm Springs Nissan serving La Quinta Riverside Hemet California knows all about the IDS Concept and we can get you the information you need.



Nissan IDS Concept ExteriorThe vehicle doesn't just communicate with passengers on the inside of the cabin, it also has the ability to communicate with others on the road. When it senses a pedestrian, a display located at the base of the windows flashes a message to indicate the pedestrian should feel free to cross. In Tokyo, the message is a polite "After you." The Nissan IDS Concept Concept Review demonstrates that this vehicle is also exceptionally good-looking. It has sleek lines and all sorts of enhancements that makes it look like a sports car that can really pounce. The vehicle is highly aerodynamic, and it will leave you feeling like the world outside has melted away. It's a four-door hatchback, and it comes complete with suicide doors and B-pillarless features. The roof exists mostly of glass, and the body is made of carbon fiber for ultimate strength and lightness. Overall, the design is pretty wild, and you'll probably get more than a few stares if you drove this vehicle down the road. The Nissan IDS Concept Concept is a new vehicle, but you can find out more when you contact Palm Springs for Nissan IDS Concept information. Come and visit our Palm Springs Nissan serving La Quinta Riverside Hemet California to learn more about the Concept.



Nissan IDS Concept PowertrainThe vehicle is an electric vehicle that uses a 60 kWh battery. The driving range is increased by combining lightweight materials with the high-capacity battery. It also has a low overall stance to help reduce drag, and the tires are designed to be low-resistance tires that are positioned near the corners. Not only does the tire placement make it appear like it's getting ready to pounce like a cat, but it also increases interior room to make it more comfortable for passengers.



Nissan IDS Concept Mechanical On the mechanical front, the Nissan IDS Concept Concept Review shows that this vehicle is well-equipped for a variety of terrains. You'll enjoy superior suspension, a host of enhanced features that makes the vehicle better able to deal with higher highway speeds, and the ability to handle multiple lanes. The first version of the Nissan was set to only handle one-lane roads, but all this is changing as well. The technology is set to be available on many new models by the year 2020. You get all the same features you'd get in any other Nissan. Modifications have been made to allow the seats to move to face each other and to protect occupants in the vehicle. The Nissan IDS Concept Concept is a brand-new look at the future of driving. Get in the know and contact Palm Springs for Nissan IDS Concept information. You can come down to our Palm Springs Nissan serving La Quinta Riverside Hemet California to find out more about the IDS Concept.



Nissan IDS Concept SafetyThe vehicle has all the safety features you'd expect from an autonomous vehicle. A full complement of airbags, stability control and traction control make it safer on the road. You'll also love the ability to take advantage of exclusive safety features that provide evasive, automated moves to reduce the chances of an accident in the first place. The vehicle is designed to get you where you need to go safely and efficiently, and you'll love the ability to get more done on your daily commute. It even replicates your own driving style. Contact our dealership to get more information about the Nissan IDS concept. This vehicle is revolutionary for its comfort, performance and safety and we'd love to tell you more about it.



*The above information is regarding the base model Nissan IDS Concept. Standard specs and features may change from year to year. Contact Palm Springs Nissan with any questions regarding the new or used vehicle you’re inquiring about.