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How much does a 2021 Nissan work van cost?

2021 Nissan Commercial Vans: MSRPs Sorted by Model and Trim

Here at Palm Springs Nissan in Cathedral City, CA, we have multiple Nissan work vans to choose from, including the NV200, NV Cargo, and NV Passenger models.

How much does a Nissan work van cost? That depends on which model and trim you get. Let’s take a look.

NV200 Compact Cargo MSRP

  • NV200 S – $23,630
  • NV200 SV – $24,680


person standing in back of 2021 NV Cargo van
  • NV1500 S V6 – $30,640
  • NV1500 SV V6 – $31,630
  • NV2500HD S V6 – $31,540
  • NV2500HD S Cargo Roof V6 – $33,690
  • NV2500HD SV V6 – $32,530
  • NV2500HD SV Cargo Roof V6 – $34,680
  • NV2500HD SV V8- $34,130
  • NV2500HD SV Cargo Roof V8 – $36,280
  • NV3500HD SV V8- $36,330
  • NV3500HD SV Cargo Roof V8 – $38,480
  • NV3500HD SL Cargo Roof V8 – $39,560

NV Passenger MSRP

  • NV Passenger S V6 – $36,860
  • NV Passenger SV V6 – $39,310
  • NV Passenger SL V8 – $43,610

Which NV Model Should You Get?

Each type of Nissan van specializes in different things. The NV200 Compact Cargo van is great for small businesses that want something fuel-efficient and practical at a low price. The NV Cargo series is a better version of a pickup truck. If you need to move a lot of tools and materials or need a powerful engine to tow things with, then NV Cargo series is for you. The NV Passenger focuses on seating capacity. Every trim has 12-person seating, which is four more seats than something like our Nissan Pathfinder or a similar vehicle.

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Want a New Nissan?

Want to buy a new Nissan commercial vehicle? Well, here at Palm Springs Nissan, we have numerous discounts and incentives for commercial buyers. You can also learn about the perks, programs, warranties, and more, available on Nissan commercial vehicles here.